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The Big Dress Down Play Parties = Less Talk and More Play.

BIG DRESS DOWN PLAY PARTIES - Dates advertised on main events page

Check the dates on the main events page for the next party. 

8.30pm until..... LATE

WE ARE GOING BACK TO BASICS.. Back to the very first Big Play Party we ever held... SO READ ON IF YOU WANT LOTS OF ACTION !


Want to experience something out of the ordinary at a club ?


1.) Compulsory Dress Down to Lingerie for the ladies, and Boxers (no shirts) or Robes / Towels for the guys happens at the new times of 9.30pm!

2.) Clubs doors CLOSE at 11.30pm - NO ENTRY AFTER - NO EXCEPTIONS

3.) NO CLOSED ROOMS - all doors will be removed - This is to keep in the theme of BIG PLAY PARTY - The party is for Sex Sex and MORE SEX... doing, or watching !

4.) Mattresses on the dance floor - YES - have sex on the dancefloor - We will leave room for the pole.

5.) No loud dance music tonight - Softer, Lounge type SHAGGING MUSIC. We are not here to dance - we are HERE TO PLAY !

6.) NO SINGLE GUYS AT THE CLUB - not even by invite from member couples. Tonight is good old fashioned couples, and single girls getting into it.. Everywhere!

7.) No Sex in the bar area, or on the new bar (you will slip off the granite and hurt yourself!) 




We are now the biggest swingers club in QLD - and with the sexiest horniest crowd at these parties. 


Please adhere to the dress down rules. If you are not willing to dress down at 9.30pm, then you will be asked to leave the club. NO EXCEPTIONS (This rule is why so many people will attend this party)


No always means NO and there is no compulsion to play - but why wouldn't you with the sexiest and horniest crowd in QLD in attendance ?


First timers are welcome, it's OK to watch, you may find the sexy atmosphere is just right to take the next step on your swinging journey. Don't hold back, let your inhibitions run wild in a safe and friendly environment.


The HOTTEST and only one true play party in QLD at a club. So you are safe, secure and in an approved legal venue.


BYO as usual, so it's a fun cheap night.

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