Voracious Vixens - Where the Chicks are in charge.

For the Greedier of Girls, who like lots of guys to choose from



Due to Covid Vixens Parties are on hold.


Check the dates on the main events page for the next party. 

8.30pm until..... The girls say so !


Welcome to the Voracious Vixens Party, where the “Chicks are in charge”


There is no way to dance around this, no delicate way to put it.....


We know there are ladies out there, either single, or part of a couple, that simply love lots of men at a party. And many have asked us to cater to their insatiable desires....


We have answered your call.


ChateauVino Adult Venue is holding a “Voracious Vixens” party, and we have on standby a whole smorgasbord of quality ninja trained stunt cocks, for your pleasure and enjoyment.


Details for this exciting event are:-



Turn up anytime after 8.30pm. No need to book. Ladies, you make all the decisions on the night with who and how many you wish to play with. You might be thrilled blindfolded and letting your partner orchestrate the evening, or flirting with any or all of the guys who will be at the club. IT’S UP TO YOU!

Cost for couples is $80 for club members and $100 for non club members

Membership is a once off $40 for lifetime no need to book!



What an opportunity to pick and choose and play in a safe environment. As per usual, we will have security at the club making sure everyone is happy and safe and can relax into the evening. We are happy to provide blindfolds if you really want to get down and dirty. 

FREE for club members and $20 for non club members.

Membership is a once off $40 for lifetime no need to book!


No need to book for this party. You must arrive between 8.30pm and 10.00pm as we won’t be allowing single guys in after this time. No groups of guys please. Please make sure you are on time, or you may miss the start of the action.  We also ask that you be under 55 years of age, and dressed smart casual to impress the ladies. The guys who will be welcomed, and have the best time, are the ones who are polished, dressed well and can hold a conversation.  In regards to this, we reserve the right to turn anyone away we feel will not fit into the vibe of the party we are trying to create. 


Cost for single guys is $100 for club members and $120 for non club members

Membership is a once off $40 for lifetime no need to book!


Please note:  We are not a Brothel, no one is paid to have sex with you, and there are no guarantees of sex.  Always wait to be invited to play, and don’t act inappropriately.  If we get complaints from anyone about bad behaviour,  you will be asked to leave the club and no refund will be given.   This is an awesome opportunity for guys who can play in a group situation, and have the stamina to pleasure multiple ladies.


As we said. No need to book. Just turn up. We have many interested ladies ready to play. So please pass on these details to good quality single guys who would be keen to help fulfill some fantasies!

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