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Single Guys - We now make it affordable and welcoming 


Single guys are welcome at the following times.


  • Any Friday night.

  • Any Saturday night that's deemed a "Voracious Vixens" party (see Vixens Page on how to get an invite)

  • If you are invited by a couple or single lady on any Saturday except the Big Play Parties (no single guys on these nights)

  • Sorry guys, most Saturdays it's couples and single ladies only, unless you get an invitation.


Entry for single guys is $160 for non members $130 for members


  • Membership is $40 per yr or $100 for 5 years
    Membership is not compulsory, but those who do take it up get reduced entry costs, and invitations to member only nights planned in the future.
    No changes to current memberships. Changes apply to new members only.

  • No need to book, just turn up on the nights we welcome single guys

  • Join our newsletter on the front page so we can keep you up to date on party dates


"Voracious Vixens" parties: Flat rate entry $160

The club is NOT a brothel. There is absolutely no guarantee of having sex with anyone at the club when you have paid your entry fee. We also don't offer an opportunity to 'look around' or give refunds if you don't 'hookup'. The club is predominantly for the pleasure of couples and single ladies, many of which have expressed a desire for us to allow limited numbers of single males on premises for a party night.


The sorts of single guys we like to admit to the club generally are well presented, well spoken and happy to hold a conversation comfortably. What we don't like is guys who turn up badly  dressed, and who 'hover' around any action that's going on. This is a massive turn off for most people who play openly in our playrooms. Its polite to stand back and wait to be invited. If you've generally impressed anyone in the social areas, its not too hard to hook up later.


Please adhere to these extra rules for singles

  • No single guys in the orgy room unless by invitation

  • Respect and consent are parmount

  • Single guys turning up in groups, will be turned away



See you at Chateau Vino soon - It's where swingers meet, party & play




Single Guys Welcome
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