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Frequently Asked Questions

When people call or email us at Chateau Vino Swingers Club, these questions keep getting asked. So to make it easy for everyone - here are the responses to these questions.
Question:- Is EVERYONE at the club, hot and sexy ?

Answer:- Sexy is a state of mind. We welcome all sorts of people to enjoy the openness of our club. Just come along with an open mind, and a sexy mindset and you will fit right in with the crowd we get at the club. 



Question:- What is the atmosphere like at the club ?

Answer:- We have well and truly aimed Chateau Vino at the swinging crowd who like to have some good social fun as well as sexy play. It is not at all sleazy, and our social areas are setup just like any well equipped nightclub. On most Saturday nights, we have an experienced DJ, whose job is to keep the dance floor packed with sexy swingers. He plays a wide range of sexy dance hits. All play is well away from the social areas, so even couples taking their first steps in the scene always have a good relaxed time. People who come along from other areas of Australia generally say our club is the most social and friendly, with the best setup.

Question:- How far from Surfers or Broadbeach is the Club Located ?

Answer:- Chateau Vino Adult Venue is a short 10-15 minute taxi ride from the accommodation centres of Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach. We can also book return taxis for you at the club and you won't be waiting more than around 5 minutes when you wish to return home.

Question:- If we come to the club, do we have to "play" with other couples ?

Answer:- The swingers lifestyle is all about "choice", you make the decision to play or not to play with other couples or singles at the club. There is absolutely NO PRESSURE for you to do anything you do not want to do. The club provides a sexy and comfortable atmosphere for you to meet other people. What you do after that is completely up to you. There are plenty of social only areas to hang out in if you don't wish to venture to the play areas. You only play when you're comfortable enough to do so.

​​Question:- How many people will be at the club ?

Answer:- This can vary from night to night. We have many couples and singles who attend regularly, say at least once a month, so there is always a friendly crowd in attendance. Around school holidays when we have a lot of visitors from interstate guarantees the club is bulging at the seams with swingers. Our marketing via our party partners, and newsletter always guarantees that we have more than enough people to satisfy any swingers needs. 

Question:- What are the ages of people who come to Chateau Vino ?

Answer:- This also varies, and is very hard to predict. The lifestyle attracts people from mid-twenties through to mid-sixties and on any night you will see representation of everyone in between. We tend to see a majority of mid-20's to late 40's which is also inline with the lifestyle in general. The clubs entertainment has something for everyone. We cater the music to the crowd on any given night. No matter who is here, we are sure you will have fun and meet some genuinely nice people. One thing that makes us a little bit different to some other clubs, is that no matter what your age, you will be treated with the same level of respect and attentiveness by our owners and staff. We are not ageist and open our club to anyone who loves the Swinging Lifestyle.


Question:- What is the dress code for Chateau Vino ?

Answer:- Dress is smart casual, no singlets, shorts or thongs and ladies think "sexy" if you are keen to impress. There is no nudity in the social areas, except during our "Big Dress Down Play Party Theme Nights".  We also have numerous theme nights where most people choose to dress in "theme". Don't let this put you off coming along dressed normally, you will still have a good time, but will probably miss out on the wonderful prizes the club offers for "best dressed" etc.



Question:- What happens when we arrive at the club ?

Answer:-When entering the club, you will be greeted by your host or hostess who will offer you membership information and request payment for entry to the club for the night. If you are willing, he/she will also take your email address, so that we can keep you informed via our newsletter of events that are coming up. Once that's completed, they will then show you the bar, introduce you to the friendly staff, and make sure you drinks are labelled for the evening. Its then up to you on how the night progresses. We would suggest introducing yourself to the other patrons, don't be shy, most people are there to meet, party & play with others.

Question:- Do we have to ring and book, or can we just turn up to your club ?

Answer:- No bookings are needed, just turn up. We recommend that single gents call on a Friday if looking to arrive after 10, to make sure the ratios of singles to couples and ladies is not too high.  We are open every Friday and Saturday night.​


Question:- Do you allow single men at the club ?

Answer:- Single guys are not allowed in the club on Saturday nights, unless its a nominated 'Voracious Vixens" night or they have been invited by another couple or single lady. No single guys are allowed at the "Big Play Parties". We do allow guys entry on Friday nights, but keep the ratios to a reasonable level. Lots of couples love the guys on Fridays when looking for something more than just another couple. All single guys must read and agree to the info on our new SINGLE GUYS INFORMATION PAGE.

We have been featured on a great podcast by a swinging couple from Sydney, and they ask a lot of questions about the club. We suggest if you have 45 mins to HAVE A LISTEN! 


If you have anything else you would like to know before taking that first step to attend (and we know it's a big step then please call us or email us through our contact page.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Chateau Vino It's where swingers meet, party & play
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